Business to Customer

Business to Customer (B2C) is a business model in which a company sells its products directly to its customers. MD BIOCOALS is one of the top fertilizer companies in India and It follows the B2C Model which helps customers to get our product directly through the channel of Amazon. We can say that customers are end-user of the products.

We sell our Product “Pusa Decomposer” on Amazon. This helps customers to get a quality product at a reasonable price at a quick point in time. We always make a priority to the quality of our product and we make sure that customers will get the product on time.

We always keep in mind some key points while doing B2C business which is given below:
1. We always sell Top Quality Pusa Decomposer.
2. The top priority of our company is Customer i.e, You. We believe in Delighting the Customer.
3. Our customer executive is always there to help you and solves all your problem even after you purchase the product.

business to customer