Super Distributor


The Super Distributor is a distributor who holds a large amount of profit from us. Fortunately, he sells more products in the market. He covers more in the market area as compared to the distributor.

  • Area : Super Distributor will have a maximum of 4 Districts.
  • Sales : Sales Should Not be Less than 50 Lacs.
  • Security Deposit : Minimum Security Deposit will be 5 Lacs.
  • Interest : Bank interest will be Given on Security Deposit.
  • Dedicated Sales Person : Company will Provide A Dedicated Sales Person.
  • Freight : Company will be given 2% on net sale, against Loading/unloading, secondary freight, etc.
  • Commission : Difference of Turnover Commission will be given to super distributors of that particular territory on the receipt of payment.
  • Godown : That the product will be supplied to the super distributors based on his Godown.
  • Fast Delivery : Material will be dispatched within 7 working days after order confirmation.
Super Distributor 1
  • Help To Appoint The Distributors In Nearby Markets.
  • We Will Use His Godown Space To Place The Material.
  • Help To Collection Of Outstanding Payment.
  • To Supply The Material From His Godown On The Instruction On State Head.
Super Distributor 2


The company will be not liable to pay the Godown rent & expenses.


That all disputes are subject to Sirsa Jurisdiction only. Arbitration class will also apply.

Super Distributor 3


That the product will be supplied to the supper, distributors based on his Godown


Goods once sold not taken back, if the goods returned deduction will be 25 % is applicable.

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* Terms & Conditions Apply