Farmers Engagement


The environment and agriculture field are changing continuously. So, there is a challenge for the company to cope with these changes. Our company, MD BIOCOALS takes many actions or practices to help the farmers and delivered the appropriate solutions at an appropriate time. We always get in touch with the farmers to know more about them and provide them appropriate solutions.
Here are some examples:

Mr. Bhavar Lal Swami

District : Sirsa

We are doing organic farming for many years. We do farming on 5 acres. We use Karamveer Product from MD BIOCOALS. By using it, the output of the crops is a pest-free crop. We also use Waste Decomposer of MD BIOCOALS which is the best solution for stubble burning.

Mr. Mukesh Kothari

District : Udaipur

We are using MD BIOCOALS products from 3 years. The chlorophyll of the crop is very good. There is a good amount of production of the crop. our crop is 100% organic and we don’t use chemical products. The crop has good greenish. Thanks to MD BIOCOALS.

Mr. Jasveer Singh

District : Hoshiarpur

I use Inderdhanush Organic Manure in potato crops. the result is very good. The result potatoes size is very appropriate. I also use FarmTechMychorriza and it helps crops to increase roots. Diversification of roots helps the crop to increase its reach to the manure and increases its power. We also get a good price in the market for its quality.

Mr. Navjot Singh

District : Gurdaspur

I use Master Gold and Inderdhanush PROM. I used this product on bitter gourd (karela) and cauliflower (gobhi). The result of both products is very good. I recommend this product to all farmers and the result speaks more than my words.

Mr. Vikram Jeet Singh

District : Amritsar

I do farming of crops like rice, wheat, peas, potato, chili, etc. I used inderdhanush Organic manure for 4 years. Shopkeeper recommends this product to me and after using it, the result is very good and we produce a good quality crop. we use the alternative of DAP i.e, Inderdhanush PROM and we use it for 4 years. We use these products for all types of crops.